Using a radio as an advertising medium increases a possibility of reception and memory of your message. Advertisements in print are badly noticed when turning pages, but you can't turn off your ears. Radio advertisements have a long-lasting effect on its devoted consumers as well as a temporary effects which aims at increasing products/services sale. Radio is not an expensive media. It allows a larger number of repeating commercial messages, greater reach, frequency and greater possibility messages should be noticed, all of which confirms lower cost of message on a sample of thousand recipients than any other medium.


Bypass System is a network system consisting of servers, control units and programs and was created for the purpose of delivering digital content (audio / video) via the Internet. The system can also be used for video and audio surveillance of interior office space in real time so that at every time you can see what is happening at each location. Also, we can be connected with most of the internal systems that your company uses and centralize the management thereof.


Bypass Creator

Application serves for creating of audio/video playlists which are published at wanted locations. It serves for creating a complete content for public announcing. When creating a content for emission, an unlimited base of audio and video records is accessible. There is an ability of archiving and control of media validity term within the system.

Bypass Report

An application serves for supervision of operation system on locations/groups. It also serves for creation of reports regarding data of a day and quantity of emission per a particular location i.e. group. Within application there is a possibility of audio/video survey of location at which a camera has been placed.